Kinver Darts League

Jubilee Trophy

Bridge Bridge  
Green Man A
New Inn New Inn
Con Club Con Club  
Old Bush Gate Hangs Well
Gate Hangs Well
Plough and Harrow Plough and Harrow  
Green Man B Green Man B
Royal Exchange Royal Exchange
Cross Queens Head
Queens Head


  1. Entry fee £1.00 per team.

  2. Best of 7 singles, 501 straight start, double finish.

  3. All player names (minimum of 7 per team) to be randomly drawn at 8.30pm and entered on the score sheet.
  4. Players must be present when their name is called or 9.00pm whichever is the earliest, otherwise game is forfeited.
  5. On neutral boards (semi-finals and final), alternate throws for bull to be observed otherwise away team to bull first as per league rules.

  6. All other matters as per league rules.